Welcome to Kadidia Cooper!

I am excited to announce that Kadidia Cooper is joining the PURA Syndrome Foundation Board of Directors!

Kadidia is joining us as our Treasure.

Kadidia brings an international perspective to the board, having grew up in East Germany and was a young girl when the Berlin wall fell.

She has focused her carrier in finance and non-profits. Kadidia is currently the Executive VP and CFO at Valley PBS, a non-profit committed to enriching the lives of California Central Valley residents through educational and entertaining programming.

Kadidia is excited to help the PURA Syndrome Foundation raise awareness of this rare genetic disease, increase funding, and help build a stronger community.

When she isn’t pouring over spreadsheets or financial data, Kadidia loves to read, hike, watch horror movies, or listen to German heavy rock.


Kadidia can be contacted at: k.cooper@pura-syndrome.org

Please help me say WELCOME to Kadidia Cooper!