3rd Year Challenge Grant Met !

I've had more than my fair share of happy news to announce lately, and this is just the next happy moment!

In November we secured an anonymous donation for $3,000 with the challenge of raising our donor base and awareness: 300 new donors within 30 days. in celebration of the syndromes' 3rd year.

We have, as of this morning, met our 3rd Year Challenge Grant goal!

Over the course of the last 30 days we added 323 new donors and with our challenge grant, have raised $24,555! Almost 400 people joined in donating to the Foundation as part of this event.

These numbers do not include proceeds raised through our Holiday Store either!

Together, you have done a great job in raising awareness and funds!

Recently we awarded our first research grant, and we are starting discussions with another institution about the next research project and grant. This is great progress!

And, there are still donations coming in! It's never too late to help!


Thank you! Thank YOU!! THANK YOU!!!